Planning a Modern Marriage

Due to the changing parameters couples have imposed on marriage, weddings and relationships are now conducted in entirely new ways. Couples who want to ensure their special day is eventful will often choose a destination wedding or a theme to share with their guests. When it comes to residing together, many of them begin that before they marry, and their choice of residence after is nearer to their career than either of their families. The choice to have children has changed as well, and many couples now prefer to limit their childbearing to only one or two children without the pressure of gender as a factor.

Beginning of the marriage

Couples today have turned weddings back into an event to be celebrated with many friends and loved ones as it was in ancient times, but there are new twists on how they do it. Some couples with the means will choose a destination wedding that includes at least a long weekend for their friends and family in an exotic or special location. For those who do not have quite enough means to treat their guests to a vacation, a theme wedding is now part of how they celebrate their special day. They choose the colours, but they now also choose a particular motif so everything will remind their guests that this is how they see and celebrate their wedding day.

Moving forward in life

Couples today are often focused on their careers, and many of them are willing to move across the globe for work with good opportunities for the future. They are much less concerned about remaining near their families, and the support they might have gotten will come from other sources. Visiting the loved ones they left behind is generally part of their vacation plans, but these can become fewer as the years wear on. Some parents do not see their married children for several years at a time, but they are able to keep in touch through the electronic network that now spans the globe.

Raising modern children

The old-fashioned drive to have children and raise a family is still part of the goal of those who marry, but it does have its own share of modern twists. Grandparents used to be the primary caregivers for small children of working parents, but social mobility has changed that for many families. Sitters and day care workers have taken the place of grandparents, and vacations are the only time many children now spend with their relatives. They may still grow close through electronic communications, but the daily routine of being with them has almost vanished in the modern world.

There have been many changes to the basic concepts of marriage over the last century or so, but couples are still able to navigate it. They have used it as a way to fashion a life that fits them, and they include their families as much as possible. The old-fashioned ideas that would hamper a modern family have been put in reserve against the day they may be needed again, and modern couples are more interested in living their lives on their own terms.